Corrie Cocheran, MAFB

​Masters of Accounting and Finance

Corrie never wanted to be an accountant. Watching her father fight through tax season as a youth, she flatly and repeatedly stated, “I NEVER want to be an accountant!”. However, we all know the law of “Never say Never”, and so it came to be that Corrie took the road she was sure she was least likely to travel.

As it turns out, Corrie actually does really enjoy the nerdy numbers and complexity of accounting. This she learned through starting multiple businesses with her husband of 24 years, Brad Cocheran. Being married to a true entrepreneur, she was always up for the adventure and found a way to be a part of every one of them. Packing the kids up and bringing them to the family store, Corrie encountered her first experience with estimated taxes, budgets, and bookkeeping. As the years passed, the companies grew and so did her passion for the field; maybe it runs in her blood. Soon, Corrie earned her Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management and as never looked back. 

Accounting isn’t all Corrie does however, even though it may seem to be the case during tax season. She is also a homeschool mom of three daughters, a private pilot and dabbles in gardening, golf and cigars as time permits. Oh, and Corrie loves scuba diving, almost as much as accounting.