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C-Suite Business Consulting

Cocheran and Associates has been providing local businesses with accounting and business services for the last two years.  We offer C-Suite business consulting that is perfect for business owners who want an extra pair of experienced eyes when it comes to their business.

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Business Consultant - Brad Cocheran

Brad and his wife Corrie have owned over 20 different businesses throughout their marriage together.  Brad's experience is available to you if you are willing to work hard to implement his wealth of knowledge.  If your company could benefit from C-suite business consulting, contact Brad Cocheran. 

C-Suite services are specifically designed for each client with prices varying depending on the client.  If you are interested in C-Suite services, please request a quote, give us a call, or email us at

C-Suite Services

If you have questions about how our business consultant can help you scale your company with C-Suite services, give us a call.

CEO Consulting

CEO services provide top level vision, organization, communication, and structural management.  CEO Consulting Services are beneficial to Business Boards or Absentee Owners attempting to develop their company further, develop a new CEO,  or in transition to a new CEO within their company.

CFO Consulting

CFO services provide in-depth financial and business analysis and guidance.  By evaluating historical data and establishing a relationship with the client, our staff provides invaluable advice and help in planning the future growth of a client's business.

COO Consulting

COO services provide detailed guidance in the operations component of your company.  These services focus on efficiency, process and flow management, and operational controls of your business.  Covering anything from the the process of a daily location opening routine all the way up to and including the communication process between  C-Suite members, COO services aid in making business run more smoothly.

Local To Oklahoma City

We are located just North of OKC in the city of Edmond.  We will serve any client we both feel is a good fit, however most of our clients are located in the Oklahoma City area or surrounding towns such as Edmond, Norman, and El Reno.