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The 5 Must-Haves of a Business Consultant

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The 5 Must-Haves of a Business Consultant

“My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.”

-  Peter Drucker, author of 40 books on business consulting.

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Oklahoma Business Consultants

1:  A Business Consultant Should Have Experience

                If you are considering hiring a consultant, you have likely concluded that your current team lacks the experience necessary to maximize your efforts.  A consultant’s job is to improve and teach: improve your ability to make the most optimum decisions, and teach you required and helpful knowledge about the subject (Hofstrand).  To fit these criteria a consultant must be able to prove they have the knowledge in the necessary field to provide this assistance.  Experience can be gathered in many ways including formal education, research, and practical use of the required skills.

"You're not managing properly if you don't come home completely exhausted but feeling like you've not done anything that day. It's exhausting to manage people if you're doing it correctly. That's why finding the right ones and training them properly is so important."

​  - Brad Cocheran of Cocheran and Associates has started over 20 different businesses in his lifetime and now works with businesses providing C-Suite consulting services.

2: A Business Consultant Should Have Good Communication

                Business consulting is just as much listening as it is speaking.  A good consultant should be articulate and be able to explain complicated topics in a way that can be consumed.  A good consultant should also be able to listen and ask questions as often as answering them so that the consultant has a good understanding of the challenges you are facing (Entrepreneur).  Communication, of course, is a two-way street though, so before hiring a consultant be sure you are just as ready to listen as you are to speak.

A consultant is often working with many clients at a time,

but your time is valuable too.  A consultant should be accessible whether in person or through digital communication.

3: A Business Consultant Should Be Accessible

                Consulting is a demanding career that takes time to qualify for and time to perform.  A consultant is often working with many clients at a time, but your time is valuable too.  A consultant should be accessible whether in person or through digital communication.  Many businesses prefer to have a consultant that is nearby their place of business and can assist in person.  If you live in Oklahoma, consider choosing a business consultant in Oklahoma.  You can use a directory service like to help you search for a business consultant near you.

Where to find business consultants near you?

There are hundreds of online directories that can provide references to business consultants in your area.  Popular professional service online directories include:, Yelp, Google My Business, and Expertise.  After you locate a few potential consultants in your area be sure to find any reviews provided prior to giving them a call.

4: A Business Consultant Should Be A Problem Solver

                A consultant must have an analytical brain and be able to solve problems efficiently and share their process on solving those dilemmas.  Marvin Bower, essentially the founder of business consulting, said the following about outstanding consultants:

“Mental equipment -- the successful consultant has outstanding analytical skill 

and the ability to synthesize his thoughts readily in reaching conclusions," Bower wrote. 

"He is a quick and effective learner -- imaginative and creative.” (Entrepreneur)

When picking a consultant, be sure to find a problem solver.

5: A Business Consultant Should Have Outstanding Character

                Your business consultant will have to know all about the intimate details of your business.  They will be assisting in high level decisions that will reflect on your business for years into the future and you will be learning from their every move.  Make sure your business consultant is a person of outstanding character.  Ensure they are someone you are happy to work with and share the details of your operation with.  A good consultant will put what is good for your business over what is good for their invoice.

Oklahoma Business Consultants

                Here at Cocheran and Associates we believe we are lucky to have one such business consultant, Brad Cocheran.  Brad has lived in Oklahoma for 44 years and has owned over 20 different businesses during that time.  Brad has a tremendous amount of business management experience including managing over 150 employees at a previous business.  There are few business situations that Brad has not found himself in and problem solved his way out of over the last 20 years.  If you are looking for a business consultant in Oklahoma, give us a call and talk to Brad.