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Business Valuation Services

You've worked hard to build your business!
How do you know if you are actually creating value or simply generating more work? 

Simple, ask a professional to prepare a business valuation for you!

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What Is A Business Valuation?

Business valuations is how you can discover the true value of your business and the effectiveness of your work.  If you have questions about our business valuation services, give us a call.

Retirement Planning

Getting a proper business valuation is the first step in planing your retirement.

What is a Business Valuation Advisor?

Brad Cocheran can help you determine the real value of your business.

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Local To Oklahoma City

We are located just North of OKC in the city of Edmond.  We will serve any client we both feel is a good fit, however most of our clients are located in the Oklahoma City area or surrounding towns such as Edmond, Norman, and El Reno.